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march-april 2010

1. Day 19.3.2010, We add new services freight forwarders and speditions by countries of interest. 
    More in privacy policy.

2. Day 22.3.2010, after testing exchanges and while looking statistics we saw some difficulties so we
    created solution, how to handle this issue if problems with new added services delete cookies 
    or if you can not stay loged in freight exchange please 
set your IE browser

3. Day 1.4.2010, we presented on a new domain

4. Day 12.4.2010 we published new price list, so it can be seen by visitors,
price list CargoNet and price list TransNet.

5. Day 14.4.2010-15.4.2010 we gave 50-170 EUR in
free usage to members, that have paied in the past for
TransNet and CargoNet (between 9-28 month)

6. Day 18.4.-27.4.2010, we gave 50 EUR in free usage to 795 members out of 1500-1600 members, that
    have ordered TransNet or CargoNet in the past, till the day 19.3.2010. Checking clients.. more

7. Day 27.4.2010, we reduce prices for both services by astonishing 65%, new prices are available here for
    CargoNet and
here for TransNet. Prices will remain unchanged till the end of the Premier soccer league
    in South Africa, or at least 2 month.

8. Day 29.4.2010, we put link exchange to our website, more here

Maj 2010

June 2010

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