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 CargoTrans News

March-april 2010

May 2010, Cargotrans continues with policy increasing & keeping lojality to its members. The 1st goal set
is to have between 2500-3500 valid accounts, or at least half of its current members.

Day 2.5.2010-20.5.2010, we gave 20 EUR in free usage to 600 existing members out of 700 ...more

Day 4.5.2010-6.6.2010 we gave 20 EUR in free trial, to first 250 CT members, such as producers, shippers and
freight forwarders. We also extend free usage to those members whose testing period is/was about to expire.

12.5.2010 Medium Statistics of valid accounts:  1570 valid accounts

15.5.2010 Last 100 out of 1500 had received 20 eur in free usage and so the action is finished.

16.5.2010 (Beta): We have made improvements at offers by e-mail. As from today all offers that are exchanged
to subscribers comes with contact information (tel, fax, name, company) to those who have a valid account. We
want to achive more offers to be realized either cargoes or empty vehicules. Currently there are 5668 subscribers
to offers by e-mail.

17.5.2010 We will gave free usage to reach 2500-3500 valid accounts only to current members of TransNet or
to those who have loads.

21.5.2010 First 75 existing members received 90 EUR in free usage for TransNet.

22.5.2010 We are disabling option all to all at offers by e-mail. We have unsubscribe all members that had such subscription
All to All. To subscribe to offers by e-mail, log in, go to offers by e-mail on the left menu and choose by countries of interests.
We are receiving more loads then we use to, and we have a desire to receive more, so this option is no longer usefull.
We have unsubscribe 200 such subscriptions. Total others subscription 5461 and next 75 existing members received 20 EUR
in free usage for TransNet.

23.5.2010-15.6.2010 Next 200 members of TransNet has received 20 EUR and 2x 600 in Free usage.

27.5.2010 We realesed Last websites of CT members. And we add 2 links to cargoes. With this policy we intend to continue, but
the site added must not be freight exchange. To add links to loads, it must not be password protected, and it must include Contacts
(Tel/Fax). We want to achive that users are returning to our site, and become frequent users.

June 2010

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