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 CargoTrans News

March-april 2010

May 2010

June 2010-Decemer 2010

23.5.2010-15.6.2010 Next 200 members of TransNet has received 20 EUR and 2x 600 in Free usage.

5.6.2010 We published
ProductionsSpeditions - TransNet members 2010 2008 2007 2006

6.6.2010 We presented price list for banner advertising on CT. Send e-mail to if interested.

15.6.2010-15.7.2010 Next 200 members of TransNet has received 60 EUR n Free usage.

12.7.2010 Happy days are over. We have a winner. Spain has won the soccer premier league. Congratulations!
Anyway, as agreed we keep prices low till the end of the soccer premier league. We have raised prices for CargoNet.
And we keep prices at the same level for TransNet.

21.7. We created few movies @ Youtube, how to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to loads @ CT available
(If you forget your username and password
here, if it doesnt work send us an e-mail to,
and we will gladly do it for You.) ... 
to be updated folow youtube channel
here or here . Thank You  
10.8.10 We launched 
CargoTrans pedia, where we explained some essential concepts in Transportation by road.

20.9.2010 We published 2 contracts for services CargoNet & TransNet, which are available on-line. Now at CT for payment 
at both exchanges is possible to choose prepayment or credit way. CargoNet is free for 30 days only if you sign a contract,
which can be cancelled at any time, in 30 days free of charge. We recommend to all of those who received free of charge
cuopons, to use exchanges in every day bussiness. We will continue with this policy till the end of this AND next year. 

May 2011-present, First 200 CargoNet members received 40 eur in free usage, and we continue with this promotion for past members
till october 11.11.2011, when CargoTrans celebrates 10 Years being on-line.

May/June 2011- present, next 400 members received 70 EUR or 6 month in free of charge use for services of CargoNet.
At the same time we published websites of CargoNet members for year 2011 and year 2010, CargoNet members (2011-2010)

Sept. 2011, Smart-phone users can follow us on this link

10.7.2012, On june 5.7.2012 we decided to raise prices for both services CargoNet and TransNet.
The current prices are still below average comparing to other "paid" freight exchanges. ... more here

23.11.2012, We expanded our services to North and South america, because of high volume of dailly visitors
from South America and the United states. It is only possible to publish loads and empty spaces in english or
spanish language. Otherwise offers will not be visible, and cargoes and empty spaces can not be published.
We have considered the possibility to advetise cargoes and empty space such as Freight by sea and freight by air,
to do so, please choose other option at type of truck, covering American and European continent. The text
and the images of the website might be in delay with the software update. Thanks CT team

27.12.2012, We accept
 credit card payment via Paypal for CargoNet or TransNet services. Cash back guaranty
within 14 days from purchase.

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