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The European freight exchange

Freight exchange

CargoNet freight exchange services for cargo forwarders and Carriers

Freight exchange is a place on the server, where carriers and cargo forwarders
are dailly exchanging loads and empty trucks.

Freight exchange FE" at CT* is CargoNet, where it is possible to offer and to search domestic loads
as well as international loads by transport by road. Also TransNet could be
considered a freight exchange, because in some circumstances, it is also
possible to publish loads, but for better understanding between one and the other
services and because TransNet is used only to search empty trucks and is
not used tosearch loads, so at CT we decided that the FE" is only CN"".

TransNet is considered to be transport or Vehicle exchange. At CN carriers
can offer empty vehicles, trucks, look for loads, publish loads, can subscribe to loads
by e-mail, and to search new business at shippers and cargo forwarders by countries
of interests (™). As well they have an option to use members directory.

CN services can be also used by forwarders, for same or equal daily operations.
It is also possible to use both services at the same time.

CT (*): Abbreviation for CargoTrans
bid(**): An offer or proposal of a price
FE("): Freight exchange
CN(""): CargoNet

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