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CargoNet services
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TransNet exchange introduction

TransNet Exchange

TransNet Introduction - summary

With TransNet Exchange you have access to truck offers and also possibility to offer cargoes,

search through members directory, subscribe to Trucks by e-mail and to search carriers by countries.

Benefits of TransNet transport exchange

TransNet Exchange is designed for freight forwarders and shippers which are managing with
cargoes and do not need loads for their own trucks.
Software solution provides possibility to advertise
cargoes and searching trucks in very simply way.
TransNet exchange enables to exchange
cargo information to those professional companies, in the field of transportation by road, which needs
to find return loads or only part load.


Transnet Transport exchange speciality

Transnet specialty is Truck offer to e-mail service which is possible to set up if you have desire
to receive available truck offers to your e-mail address. When truck offer is offered in CargoNet
freight exchange and if it matched criteria of your interests is also delivered to your e-mail
address.  Find out more


Usability of Transnet transport exchange

After the registration to TransNet transport exchange you will have to log in with your username and
password. Then you have an option to choose services you wish to use. If you would like to search for
available trucks just click find truck and you will have an overview of all published truck offers. Then
choose the one that you are interested in and get in touch with information provider.


TransNet Trademark
TransNet trademark is 
Freight forwarders & Carriers by countries of interests.
Where you can search for
Freight forwarders 

Can I start using Transnet services right now
Yes. You can start using Transnet services after simple on-line registration. 
Click here and follow provided instructions.

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