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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I manage with loads, how do i find hauliers?

If you manage with loads and would like to find reliable hauler, then you should try CargoNet and TransNet services. Register on-line. TransNet, CargoNet

2. I am looking for loads, how do I register?

If you need loads to cover your own trucks or truck for your partner you should try CargoNet services. Free member account

At registration you have to choose your own username and password. Please provide a valid e-mail especially if you will subscribe to loads and trucks by e-mail. Personal information collected during site submission is described in Privacy policy

3. I have 7 dispatchers can I use services for one price?

Yes it is possible. With a new version it is possible that up to 7 dispatchers from the same company can use each service for one price.

4. Why should i use your services if I already use other Freight exchange?

You should use our service, because you have nothing to loose. Not a penny. It is a free member account. Other free services are setting & receiving Freight offers to e-mail at CargoNet and Truck offers to e-mail at TransNet and transport members directory. 

If cargo or truck offer match your criteria, then you choose to buy the use for other services.

5. What is the Price for services?

Once again it is a free member account, so the price list is available only to registered members. If you would like to find out more, we suggest you to register on-line. TransNet, CargoNet

6. I manage with loads and trucks, how do I register?

If you manage with loads and trucks you should be a member of TransNet and CargoNet exchange. At TransNet you can subscribe to receive trucks by e-mail. And CargoNet can be used for other services.

7. What kind of Set-up can I advertise?

It is possible to advertise all kind of set-ups. For example: Car-transporter, refrigerator, silo, tipper, road train, mega, taut, tilt, etc.

8. I got empty truck and need backload from Spain, France, Italy, Germany. Witch services should I use?

If you are looking for backloads, you should use CargoNet services. Where you can subscribe to loads for Free, From Spain, France and Germany etc. But if you want better results, you should advertise your free trucks, and be contacted by freight forwarders.

9. I manage with multiple collections, Is it possible to advertise such loads?

Yes, both services TransNet & CargoNet do support advertising multiple collections and drops.

10. How to use CargoTrans number Search engines?

CargoTrans number search engine is the second powerful resource to locate and to verify the business partners. When you enter an offer and you are being contacted with company simply ask for CargoTrans number and enter it in CargoTrans number search engine. With the number you have, you can get back with them later and close the deal.

10. I am interesting in...?

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