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The European freight exchange

Cargo Transport

Advertising Cargoes & Freight at CargoNet & TransNet 

Services provided by the CT* are considered as transport of goods (or cargo) from
point A to point B by road, by sea or by air.

Since 2001 CT has enabled advertising services on the road. It is possible to advertise
services in domestic and international road transport. Advertising services are available
for trucks with tarpaulin, transport tugs and trailers (15.4 m).

It is also possible to advertise transport with vans, transport up to 3.5 tons, transports
up to 7.5 t and urgent, liquid cargo, transportation of silos, open trucks for transport,
transport of logs, THERMO trucks, container trucks, dumper trucks, services for
MEGA trailers for thermal transport trucks, transportation for relocation as well as for
auto transport and emergency services as well as services that require truck wells.

CT provides e-mail subscription for all our services. You can edit your e-mail subscription
for "Availability of trucks" as well as those who subscribe to services. This is possible since
2010 within column, production, shipperscarriers by countries of interests (TM). More in
the Transport section.

In 2012 CT advanced services, we allow advertising services by air and by sea for the
English and Spanish speaking. More about this can be read in the news section; therefore
it is now possible to advertise cargoes from Europe to America and vice versa. It is also
possible to advertise road services on both continents. CT is now present in Europe,
America, North Africa and western Asia.

Advertising Cargoes & Freight for transport has never been so easy as it is now with
CargoNet, as well as TransNet which is now FREE of charge. More in news
. Advertising
available transports (especially available trucks) is possible only through exchange CargoNet.

CT (*): Short for CargoTrans

Free member account & Free subscription to cargoes.
Difference between Premium and Free account.

CargoNet freight exchange is from 31.1.2015 till 1.1.2020 free of charge!

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