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Transport order

Order for transporting cargo, loads, freight, goods etc.

In the transport sector, especially in road transport is an order to transport a very commonly used word.
In English: order (*), send me the fax (**). An order to transport contains all important information for
the carrier. Other essential elements of the task in addition to the contact are: price, payment deadline,
date edition, date of discharge, the exact address of loading, unloading, address, weight, volume, length,
number of palettes, if bulk cargo (') No. of pieces etc.

Street location
It is common to find that the order itself doesn’t have full address for the unloading, or the driver acquires
it at the loading site. Common practice is to help drivers locate place for loading and unloading using
Google maps or Microsoft AutoRoute, if you are a carrier. This is done especially in cases of many loading
and unloading addresses. It is done with combination of GPS technology and the before mentioned programs
for locating streets.

Receiving or sending orders
TransNet services are available for users who want to send cargo and wish to send order to the carrier.
Easy online registration is required. If you would like to receive transport order, you can approach 
CargoNet services where it is possible to access the tender loads and also allow access to shippers and
carriers by countries of interests.

Checking clients in France and Austria, Slovenia and Romania
For verification companies in France an established site société and in Austria Firmenabc is commonly used.
For clients from Romania listafirme is used, where for the relatively low cost you can check financial position
of the company for the past years. 
In Slovenia, for verification of customers, from which the order transport is
taken, bizi platform is commonly used. It shows financial background of each client.

Canceling order
It is necessary to cancel transport order in cases where the freight forwarder and the carrier do not agree
on the essential elements of the task, such as loading time is changed, goods (``) not done (***) or
higher force related to the carrier but the order was already sent. Very often the word used to cancel the
order, STORNO the Eng. verb reversal (```), but in practice it is customary manner for cancelation order
to transport to struck out large letters, and sent it back to the originator or carrier. Written or oral brief
explanation is desirable. In any case, it is necessary to be as friendly to the customer, or shipping carrier,
when the order cancels, because the opposing side can result in loss of business. It is desirable to help find
the available truck or cargo.

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