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Help Ukraine refugees survive the War

Help Ukraine survive the war

Help Ukraine people, children, women survive the conflict

Donate to Ukrainian innocent people

We decided to open a donation page at CargoTrans, to help Ukraine people,
children, women survive the consequences the War in Ukraine/Russia conflict
has caused. We do not want to be political about it, but clearly Ukraine people,
women, children needs our help. War has come so close, that its unimaginable
to just stay and do nothing about it.

To much blood, to much homes, schools have been destroyed, to much
people flee their homes and leave their love ones so lets HELP them.

OR Shall we just watch the news what is going on & do nothing about it? This War
will end and peace will emerge, but people will be lost for ever. Money cant buy
peoples lives, but can help survive the ones that needs help, and they do not
need help in few years, they NEED HELP TODAY. By helping Ukrainian people,
women, children, you show great respect for life, donate and help Ukraine today.

To each one that donate and help Ukrainian people survive the humanitarian crises,
CargoTrans will give 6 month Free of charge CargoNet and TransNet.
(95% will be donated to Ukrainian refugees, the rest is for fees).

Thank you in the name of Ukrainian people!

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HELP Ukraine

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