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The European freight exchange

Cargotrans disrupting Freight exchange business in Europe

Cargotrans disrupting Freight exchange business in Europe

CargoTrans trying to build decentralized freight & transport exchange

CT IDO to be launched

Cargotrans is launching its own Cargotrans tokens. CT ICO might be planned to be launched
in near future. We have decided to launch CT IDO tokens on Matic (Polygon) Blockchain
(at the time being), because of the low fees for transaction. The intention for Cargotrans
tokens IS AND WILL BE as an Utility token. We are giving a "REAL USE CASE", a vision and
product road map to it on this site.

Please check our updated CT DEX freight exchange Pitch Deck.

TOKEN details

Token name: Cargotrans
Symbol: CT
Supply: 100 M
Decimals: 8

Check it on Polygonscan:
Cargotrans tokens

You can buy CT Cargotrans Pre-IDO tokens via Pay pall. After the payment, please send us e-mail with
your wallet MATIC address in order to send you the tokens. (together with scanned Passport/Id. card)

Price for 1 CT token in Pre-IDO is set at 0.0035 EUR, and is valid until we sold 20% of total supply.

Choose Amount of CT tokens

Buy CT Pre IDO NFT tokens, 1 NFT equals to 1 CT token (possible to buy with ETH):

NFT as CT Pre-ido

Intentions for (CT) Cargotrans token - Real use case as a Utility token for carloads, CargoNet & TransNet freight exchanges

Follow instruction and Claim BONUS:

- 10.000-149.999 CT tokens, 10% bonus
- 150.000-319.999 CT tokens, 20% bonus
- 319.999 or more CT tokens, 30% bonus

Wallet and staking feature (with the lock up period) of Cargotrans tokens will be introduced with Annual interest rate of 3-6 % after the
blockchain integration to carloads exchange and at CT V4.0. The intentions for Cargotrans token is as an utility token for Bonus
at both services CargoNet & TransNet and later with the blockchain integration this will be changed to be as a discount feature.

So at the moment and "until stated otherwise" to claim BONUS, when you purchase membership fee of CargoNet or TransNet exchange, please send
us your Cargotrans ID number and your Cargotrans blockchain wallet address so that we could add additional Bonus to your bought membership.

Please send this info to e-mail:

Raising funds, distribution & Fair launch

In first round (PRE-IDO), we will try to raise up to 20% (not more) of soft market cap, which is set at
350K EUR. For CT tokens, we are providing liquidity for market cap at 350K EUR.
At the moment and in near future CT tokens will be possible to buy or sell only on DEX exchanges. DEX
exchanges are decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap, Quick Swap and many others, where you can buy
or sell (SWAP) tokens or trade them directly from your wallet. We already started to provide liquidity on
4.4.2022 on Quick Swap at the time being only for pair MATIC/CT and vice versa, and will continue to
provide liquidity in coming month, years. We will provide liquidity also for other pairs vs CT. We will
publish updates & info about it.

Liquidity tracker: Liquidity WMATIC-CT Pair   Cargotrans token stats

How to Buy (or sell) CT tokens

To Buy or sell CT tokens, please search for symbol CT on DEX exchanges for example: Quick Swap
or Limit order Quick Swap and copy below hash in the token search:


This is Cargotrans contract address. Search for it, and add this token, then choose Matic, ETH, USDT
that you wish to swap for CT tokens. Improve price manually to be little higher then market, for example
choose 10 Matic then change 3900 to be 4000. And place sell order, and it is done. You now own 4000 CT
tokens, and it is now seen in your Metamask wallet. Please note, that you need to keep a small amount
of MATIC in your wallet in order to send and receive CT tokens.

How to add Metamask wallet to your browser and where to download a mobile app

Instructions how to download and add Metamask wallet to your internet browser is explained
here: Metamask download

How and where to buy Polygon (Matic) coins

You can buy Matic coins on Bitstamp, Binance, Kucoin or any other exchange, for example: Bitstamp buy Matic
and simply withdrawal the Matic tokens to your wallet Matic address. But first you need to download Metamask
wallet and import Polygon (Matic) chain to your wallet in order to receive Matic tokens. Detailed instruction how
to do that is explained in links above and below.

How to Add Matic Polygon token to Metamask wallet

Instructions how to add Polygon (Matic) blockchain to your wallet address is explained here:
Adding Polygon Network to Metamask wallet

How to secure the private keys of your wallet

Instructions how to write down the private keys is described here: Export Metamask Private key. Keep them save.

Investors protection

With the funds raised in PRE-IDO, we estimate to be funded with aprox 15%-25% of soft market cap. With that
funds we will provide liquidity with 20% of the funds we receive from investors as an Investors protection gateway.
At the same time we shall provide liquidity with at least 10% of our own money, so this way we could ensure up to
30% of investors money back guaranty at any time for Pre-IDO set price.

Token distribution & Tokenomics

The rest of raised funds in Pre-IDO will be distributed for funding New version CT V 4.0 with separate carloads
exchange (40%), 30% for promotion and customer support. We estimates in the middle of the year 2023, we could
achieve our first goal.

Cargotrans Tokenomics, last update: 26.4.2022, in case of an update, we shall publish it here.

Product road map

Product road map is available at Miro or Product Road Map (Last update 16.4.2022).

Team members

At the moment there are 6 team members, 2 of them are fully dedicated to this project, 2 partly, and 2 are outside
members. We will reveal Key members, later on. As for now the CEO of the project Cargotrans is Dejan Luzar and he
is fully responsible for its execution, social links: Linkedin, Facebook, Dealium,

KYC verification process

In case you buy tokens via our site or via DEX exchanges, please provide us with a copy of a valid passport or
Identity card in order to check if you are fully complying with KYC laws and AML regulations. Please send a copy of
valid passport or Identity card to our e-mail: before the actual investment.

Exemption of buying Cargotrans tokens

In case you are a citizen of a country where ICO, or IDOs are not allowed, or are heavily regulated, we reserve the right
to return the money back, and not distribute the Cargotrans tokens. That especially is valid for all US citizen, as well as
citizen from NORTH and South Korea, CHINA, as well as RUSSIA and BELORUSSIA (due to recent circumstances) or any
other country where the ICOs or PRE-ICOs or IDOs and pre-IDOs are restricted or/and are heavily regulated. We shall
update all countries one by one, later on.

Make a purchase of Cargotrans tokens with Paypal

In case you will buy CT tokens, please send us a scanned valid passport or identity card to e-mail and provide us with valid
MATIC address, in order for us to send you the tokens to your wallet. Exchange rate for the time being at DEX exchange is set at:

475 CT tokens for 1 MATIC coin.

When we receive the payment and scanned documents we will send you the tokens to your Polygon (Matic) wallet address.

Please make sure you have download Metamask wallet and add import Polygon chain (MATIC) to your wallet and that you
have at least some portion of Matic coin in your wallet for transactions fees (Gas fees). Bitstamp buy Matic

You can buy CT Cargotrans Pre-IDO tokens via Pay pall. After the payment, please send us e-mail with
your wallet MATIC address in order to send you the tokens. (together with scanned Passport/Id. card)

1 CT token = 0.0035 EUR

Choose Amount of CT tokens


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