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Loading meter - Loading meter, width and weight

Definition of loading meter
1 Loading meter is 1m in length of goods on a trailer/truck. 1 EP´ or 2 EP is 0.8 loading meters (length/long).

In Europe at Road transport 13.6 loading meters is general length for trucks like tautliners.
In this category for 13.6 loading meter trucks can be included also MEGA, BOX or FRIGO etc.

Why 13.6 loading meters?
Because with 13.6 loading meters can be loaded 33 (not 34) pallets with dimensions:
((0.8m x 1.2m)x2 in width)x17 pallets in length= 13,6 loading meters (in length)

Lets say you have an order for 9 EUR pallets, how many loading meters left on a trailer?
9 EP = 4EPx2+1 or 4 pallets on each side + 1 pallet on one side; so 0.8 m x5= 4m of goods - 1 pallet
13.6m-4m=9.6m + 1 pallet = 9.6m loading meters left or 34EP-9EP= 25 EP left; 25 EP-1=24 EP,
24/2=12 pallets can be loaded on each side + 1 pallet. 12EPx0.8m=9.6 loading meter and 1 pallet.

Width of trucks (wide inside of standard trailer)
Width of "normal" tautliners or bigger trucks is 2.48m. It may happen the width of the cargo is 2.50m.
This kind of width is unsuitable for normal tilt trucks, so it should and usually is carried out with FLAT or
OPEN trucks, which can carry such goods with no problem.

Weight of truck & groupage
When doing groupage for tautliners. It is very important to load the goods with more weight on the back
where the truck has 3 axles. So if possible load lower weight of a partial load/cargo in-front of the trailer,
and on the back of the trailer the goods with more weight.

´EP = Euro pallet with dimensions 0.8m (length) x 1.2m (width)

Loading meter
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