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The European freight exchange

Transport exchange

TransNet for freight forwarders & productions

Normally freight & transport exchanges are intended for Freight forwarders &
Carriers/truckers. That kind of will was set by first cargo & transport exchanges
on the internet. CT(*) freight and transport exchange was opposing that
policy from year 2001. First 4 years in such way, that it was free of
charge for shippers (those who offer loads & search for trucks), but
in year 2004, when European union first expanded towards East of Europe,
CT launched TransNet
transport exchange & CargoNet transport & cargo exchange.

And so from then on CT(*) with  TransNet vehicle exchange officially offers
its services to productions and selling focused businesses all over Europe.
But unfortunately the production companies etc. are not so likely to look for
trucks for themselves so they are more likely to give this kind of business 
to freight forwarders and eventually to haulage contractors.

CT recommend..
year 2010 CT Launched new services Carriers and Freight forwarders
(productions) by countries of interests. From then its possible to bid(**)
directly with shippers, productions, freight forwarders and carriers by countries
of interests @ TransNet and CargoNet. Existing cargo forwarders can use
TransNet transport exchange to bid for new jobs and can at the same time use
TransNet for advertising cargoes and to search for trucks & carriers by countries
of interests. Summary of carriers by countries of interests can be found


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