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The European freight exchange

Transport Europe

Transport Europe

Transporting Europe with trucks

Taking care of carriers and freight across Europe by lorry can be a profitable and fulfilling experience. 
However, before embarking on a shipping project, one should first become familiar with the different
roads and motorways, as well as the toll rates and customs policies. This will ensure that any transport
Europe will be a smooth and safe journey.

Transport Europe Tunnels
There are several transport tunnels in Europe which interconnect various countries, ensuring quick and
safe travel. Both the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the Frejus Road Tunnel are Trans-Alpine transport routes,
which connect France and Italy. These both tunnels are used for a vast majority of transport Europe,
and most freight and carriers use these routes.

Depending on the class of the freight, single usage toll rates for the Mont Blanc Tunnel can range from
134.40 Euros to 255.30 Euros. Return rates range from 215.70 Euros to 413.50 Euros. It should take a
convoy 17 minutes to make its way through the tunnel, with traffic slowing down at the toll booths. The
Frejus Road Tunnel toll rates are approximately the same. One must keep in mind both tunnels have
restrictions on certain loads and goods.

Transport Europe and Customs Expanded
As is the case with the motorways listed above, most transport routes in Europe no longer require customs
duties when travelling in between different countries. The European Union is a customs union as entailed by
the former European Community. It was renamed as the European Economic Community in 2009.

This means the rules and regulations on customs are the same throughout every member country, making
transport Europe a much easier task. Travel between member countries such as France, Belgium, Czech
Republic and Romania does not have any customs at the borders. Thus, the transport of goods and travel
is quick for carriers and freight in European Union member countries. The external tariff rates are harmonised
across these countries, with a common rate of 150 Euros.

Transport Europe and Customs in Non-EU Countries
As for countries which are not part of the European Union, there are different custom policies. A carrier or
transport travelling through these countries should be familiar with the different rules and regulations. Countries
that are not part of the European Union include Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Albania, Belarus, Andorra, Moldova, San Marino, Vatican City and Monaco.
Switzerland, for example, is quite expensive to travel in, and customs can be more troublesome in Switzerland
in comparison to EU member countries.

Transport in Slovenia
The Karawanks Tunnel connects Austria and Slovenia and may also be used for transport. Depending on
the category of the carrier, toll rates can vary from 6.50 Euros to 22.50 Euros. Other information on
Slovenia transport can be founded on, like road conditions, general limitation on
cargo traffic etc.

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