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The European freight exchange

Freight Forwarder 

Freight Forwarder and Shipping Company

Forwarder is a colloquial term for a shipping company which operates cargo. The Freight forwarder
activities therefore include: placing price to production company or sales-oriented companies bidding*,
acceptance, cargo advertising, search for available trucks, informing customers about
the time of arrival of the truck, trucks announcement to production or cargo carriers and others.
Among the tasks the shipper fulfills transport orders.


Forwarders by relation at CT - forwarder by routes

In 2010 CT classifies shippers and carriers by routes. Now it is possible very easily to access truck
assignments or FF" by route classification.


Custom broker - Import and export customs also FF activity

Import and export customs clearance is considered to be a role of FF In the case of countries that
are not yet in the EU area and it is required for the import or export from these countries to hand over
papers to the FF, in order to get custom clearance. The customs officer views and completes the
customs. It is therefore necessary prior to arrival at the border to know who the FF agent responsible
for the papers is. Selection of FF is also possible from the shipper of the transport and is usual
conditioned by a specific border crossing.


CT advises:

In any case, it is the task of the transport company to check with the transport organizer - freight
forwarder, who will make the customs prior to arrival to the cross border. If not stated in the order
sent by the forwarder and to pass this information to the driver.

Try CargoNet as freight forwarder or TransNet as freight forwarder
Freight forwarder

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